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اولین جلوه های ویژه

I have a tradition of recording First Impressions, (see this and this) which is the title of this post–in Dari, one of the local languages. (If you do something three times, does that constitute a “tradition”? In my crazy, mixed-up, non-traditional world, it certainly does!) So here is the latest in my “First Impressions” series–those preciousContinue reading “اولین جلوه های ویژه”


“Safe Travels!”

The last time I saw my friend, Jill, before I departed Denver for the next installment of Adventures Unknown, she requested a blog post about my travels. I guess it seems potentially interesting or even glamorous to jet across multiple time zones to destinations few in most people’s inner circles have journeyed. So here IContinue reading ““Safe Travels!””

This Is A Test

This is a test to see if you’ll follow directions! I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again: I’m back to blogging. I do believe this next year will be more conducive to climbing back in the saddle, so I’m going to make a sincere pledge to do so. However, I’d like to makeContinue reading “This Is A Test”

Reviving the Blog

Recently I was looking for a photo to show someone, and I remembered that it was on the blog. I pulled it up, searched, and quickly located the photo. Then I spent hours reliving our amazing adventures, and remembered why I started the blog in the first place–to preserve the memories. Incredible adventures we certainlyContinue reading “Reviving the Blog”

In My Own Back Yard

Those of us prone to wander in search of far-flung, exotic adventures often encounter great discoveries in our own back yards. And while it is true that I’m prone to wander afar, I do so appreciate my own backyard, so to speak: the great Colorado wilderness. As Home Leave 2016 drew to a close, IContinue reading “In My Own Back Yard”

Primeras Impresiones

Ah, first impressions. They must, by their very nature, be captured first. If delayed, they’ll be tainted with the lens of hindsight. So many first impressions. Where do I begin? But before I do begin, here’s a little shout out to our PCS (Permanent Change of Station) experience. It is never simple, easy, or cheap toContinue reading “Primeras Impresiones”

It’s a Wrap

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, 25 months and 1 day (yes, I counted) are in the books. All things considered, in the overall scheme of things, we’ll call the adventure a success. As Randy’s been known to say, it’s been a good life, after all. Professionally, I escaped without aContinue reading “It’s a Wrap”


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