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The Backstory

To give a little explanation to this present (mis)adventure, here are some details and a bit of the backstory:
WHO: US Department of State
WHAT: Foreign Service Health Practitioner–providing health care to Foreign Service officers and their families in an embassy, somewhere in the world
WHEN: after a 10-12 week orientation and training in DC that begins 01-27-2014
WHERE: Will be posted to an embassy; could be anywhere in the world. I’ll have no say. Good chance it WON’T be Paris or London. Pretty sure those posts go to people with seniority. Flag Day Ceremony, which is when we find out, is February 25, 2014
HOW: By filling out lots and lots of paperwork. I mean, it’s a government job. Oh, and having the right quals and experience, and passing a test and an interview
WHY: For an adventure. And why not? It’s a two year commitment. We’ll be back to our beloved Denver

As for the back story, 20 years ago this month we moved to Scotland. When we returned in 1998, I said, “That was fun; I’d like to do that [live internationally] again.” So here we go. Last time I was an “ex-pat’s wife”; this time I’ll be working full time and on call 24/7. This time Randy gets to be the “ex-pat’s wife”. I’m sure he’ll excel in his new role.





One thought on “The Backstory

  1. Memories change & fade. I’m glad the details are written so i can refer back to them from time to time to stay accurate. I’m also excited about Randy’s new role as a wife!!!


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