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Reviving the Blog

Recently I was looking for a photo to show someone, and I remembered that it was on the blog. I pulled it up, searched, and quickly located the photo. Then I spent hours reliving our amazing adventures, and remembered why I started the blog in the first place–to preserve the memories. Incredible adventures we certainly have had, and it made me sad that I have not recorded many from our time here in Bolivia and this unique, diverse, and beautiful continent, heretofore almost totally unknown to me. I hereby pledge to myself to revive the blog. I hope I can fulfill the pledge. It’ll be a series of latergrams, but memories all the same.

Besides, we have news.

Those who have followed the misadventures from the beginning know the famous line we held on to: “just two years”. It was just going to be a two year adventure and then we’d return to our beloved Denver.

And then there was that whole Ordered Departured Thing, and Randy missing half the first adventure, so we agreed to just one more tour. And La Paz it was.

Now at almost halfway through, it’s not a good time to quit. With just another year after La Paz, I could actually retire. And although the benefits would be minuscule, there is something to be said for that accomplishment, especially for a person who sacrificed the chance of a career to raise a family (NO regrets there–I’d do it all over again). Besides, think of the retirement party! You should start making plans to come!

All that to say, handshakes* are a-comin’. Soon. And you know what that means.


The rules, along with the hints, will be published soon. Stay tuned!!


*For those who don’t remember, “handshakes” is the term used to denote the promise of the next post. It’s a promise because nothing is official until it goes through the laborious paperwork process, but a handshake is as good as gold.


2 thoughts on “Reviving the Blog

  1. I see a coupla more “handshakes” in your future. You love adventure too much to stop now, Babette!
    So glad you’ve reactivated the blog!
    Till next time my friend!


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