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اولین جلوه های ویژه

I have a tradition of recording First Impressions, (see this and this) which is the title of this post–in Dari, one of the local languages. (If you do something three times, does that constitute a “tradition”? In my crazy, mixed-up, non-traditional world, it certainly does!) So here is the latest in my “First Impressions” series–those preciousContinue reading “اولین جلوه های ویژه”

Winners…And Explanations

You guys are awesome. We had some really good guessers! Or else my hints were too good. And it’s been a lot of fun, so thanks for playing along. Altogether we had forty-one participants, with five disqualified or abstained, and TWENTY correct guesses!! But before the Geo-Reveal, let me attempt to do the impossible andContinue reading “Winners…And Explanations”