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Where and Back Again

OK, so here’s the deal:

I’m going to start a blog.

The goals are:

  1. To preserve, quite selfishly, a bit of a record, a memory, of happenings as well as our responses to them. There’s nothing like capturing the moment because memories change over time. I still say that I have a memory of my friend, John, skiing barefoot in 1972, but he says he never did. Whose memory is correct?!?! Had I kept a blog…
  2. To keep everyone updated in one consolidated place. Since what we’re about to embark on is kind of crazy on several levels, people seem interested in following our adventure. I realize that interest will wane–I’m no fool–but at least for now, this is The Place to come for periodic updates. I’ll try to keep them short and sweet, but brevity has never been my forte. Right, Randy?
  3. To strike a reasonable balance between recording mundane life (because, let’s face it, everyday life is mundane, even if you live in Godforsakastan and have to pluck your own chickens to make dinner) and being at least vaguely entertaining. If I fail on the latter part, I apologize, but you can always stop following. :-)

So there’s my long awaited introduction. I’m going to post another entry soon describing some of the background and lead up to The Adventure, just to sort of record that. It might not be even vaguely entertaining, but stay tuned and give me a few chances.

PS Points if you get the reference in the title


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